Risk Management and Assessment

Traditionally risk management in the corporate environment has been viewed as the responsibility of the financial controller to ensure that adequate insurance cover was in place.

Modern trends have broadened the scope of risk management to include the factors that could result in operational, financial or strategic losses.

Our understanding of commercial and technical pressures ensures that we are well placed to assist in the development of risk management programs.

The OSH Act recognises the value of a risk assessment program in the achievement and documentation of a safe working environment.

Through HAZOP and similar studies we can develop risk profiles to ensure that appropriate design, safety and operational procedures are followed. We are also able to assist with emergency planning procedures and strategies.

An effective Risk Management System must be auditable to demonstrate that Reasonable Care has been taken by Management to provide an environment where risk is As Low As Reasonably Practicable. This ALARP principle is one of the systems used by CCE to develop cost effective Risk Management Systems in the high-risk industries such as Nuclear, Chemical and Petrochemical facilities.

Plant Remnant Life and Life Extension Programs

CCE has a unique integrated approach for plant condition assessment, remnant life determination and life extension planning. This service is generally carried out with the purpose of supporting proposed capital expenditure programs by supplying relevant information to management to enable informed technical and economic decisions to be taken.

We are well versed in the procedures, techniques and processes essential to evaluate the condition of operating plant.

Plant As Built Verification

During the lifetime of a plant there are frequently design changes and modifications that take place that are not fully documented. Plant records are lost or damaged.

We are able to carry out plant surveys against available drawings and specifications. Where required we would update drawings, data and records.

Typical Services

In addition to the services outlined, CCE is able to provide a wide range of electrical and mechanical services.


  • Technical and Economic feasibility Studies
  • Vendor Capability Assessment
  • Shutdown Planning and Management
  • Metallurgical Investigations
  • Plant Condition Assessments
  • Plant Failure Investigations
  • Remnant Life Surveys
  • Plant \”As Built\” Verification Surveys
  • Life Extension Programs
  • Welding and Metallurgical advice
  • Design and Specification
  • CAD Drafting
  • Tender Documentation Preparation and Evaluation
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Introductory pressurised equipment technology training courses
  • Project Management and Expediting
  • Project Quality Management
  • Quality Surveillance

Health and Safety

  • Statutory Inspection and Testing
  • Plant Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Systems Development and Implementation